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4-H Recognizes Incredible Volunteers!

April 11, 2014

Joanne Brown Joanne Brown needs no introduction to many of you!  Hailing from Middlesex County, she is a 4-H club leader of two very active clubs and has served as President, Vice President and Treasurer of the Middlesex County 4-H Advisory Council.  Joanne has also volunteered as a new leader mentor, Winter Forum Workshop instructor, Middlesex 4-H Fair Sewing Department Chair and Visual Presentations and Records Judge.  But her volunteer efforts don't stop at the Middlesex County border!  She has been the coordinator of the 4-H State Photography Contest for ten years, coordinator of the State 4-H Perfroming Arts contest for four years and the MA New England Center delegation coordinator at the Big E for eleven years.  In addition, she has chaperoned several MA National 4-H Congress delegations.  Clearly, Joanne is willing and able to do it all!

4-H parent Chris Oneschuck states, "Joanne pours her heart and soul into being an exceptional 4-H leader.  She motivates her club members to experience life outside the box.  She arranges educational and fun trips for the club, she encourages event the youngest most shy kids to do Visual Presentations and she constantly communicates community service opportunities that would benefit her club members.  She can see ahead to what would be reachable goals for each of her club members and she starts to groom them early.  What I found remarkable about Joanne is that she has an uncanny ability of instilling very high standards in each of her club members while stepping back and allowing them to achieve their goals themselves."

Brother and sister Cole and Emma write, "We have been members of one of her 4-H clubs, the Massachusetts Maniacs, for four years now and have experienced her generosity, dedication and commitment to 4-H first hand.  Last year our club honored her with an appreciation basket for her 25 years of service with 4-H.  Joanne Brown has been a tremendous influence and role model for us as 4-H youth.  This is evident in the expanded level of involvement we both have had with 4-H over the years and the future opportunities we look forward to."

Please join us in thanking Joanne Brown and all the other Massachusetts 4-H volunteers who dedicate their time and talents to help young people in the 4-H program learn, grow and thrive!

Youth Development and 4-H