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4-H Salutes our Outstanding Volunteers

Sherry Mangiardi
June 18, 2013

Sherry Mangiardi has been a 4-H volunteer in Berkshire County for eight years.  She started as a co-leader in the club her two daughters belonged to, the Windsor Mountain 4-H Club.  As her daughters grew and their interests expanded Sherry became involved in the Berkshire County 4-H Fair Association as an advisor while her daughters held roles such as Treasurer and President.  Eventually Sherry started her own club, the Pokey Pincushions 4-H Club.  Sherry just finished a term as President of the Berkshire County 4-H Volunteer Association and is now the Secretary for the group.  She assists in every program run in Berkshire County 4-H, has always been hands-on and invaluable!  She is also a member of  Berkshire County 4-H Incorporated, the corporation that owns the 4-H Fairgrounds.  Her eldest daughter, Krista, became a 4-H volunteer the year she aged out of 4-H and is already following in mom's footsteps by becoming the advisor for the Berkshire County 4-H Ambassadors.  Sherry is a wonderful role model for the many youth and volunteers in Berkshire County!

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