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Changes at the Helm

Headshot of Meg McDermott
June 26, 2023

Fall 2022 - Greetings from Our Mass 4-H Interim Director 

Dear UMass Extension 4-H Community,   

I want to welcome you to a new 4-H year! I am positive this year will be filled with exciting educational opportunities for all members of our 4-H community. As 4-H staff, volunteers, and members, we are all stewards of the 4-H program, and it is our privilege to uphold the tenets of Head, Heart, Hands, and Health. As a community that stretches from the western most point of the Berkshire Mountains to the eastern most point of the Cape-we offer a wonderfully rich and diverse 4-H program.   

We have clubs that connect eager young people with passionate adult volunteers, around any project area imaginable. We host academies dedicated to learning about large animals and dogs, vet science, and career exploration.  We host in-school and after school programs dedicated to STEM in urban areas and countless other programs that aim to give young people the experiences and tools they need to be active, confident, and engaged community members and leaders.  

As I step into the role of Interim 4-H Program Director, I cannot help but feel honored to hold the position of leading and working with a community team that has taken on the task of positively developing youth and helping them thrive in a world that is ever changing.  Thank you and I am excited for another wonderful 4-H Year!  


Meg McDermott  

4-H Program Interim Director 

To all 4-H members, leaders, and volunteers,  Linda Horn Headshot

It has been my honor and pleasure to be a part of the UMass Extension 4-H community for the past eight years. Although I may not have met all of you, I have gotten to know many by attending banquets, fairs, committee meetings, contests, the Big E, and other gatherings. 4-H members continue to impress not only me, but all of the 4-H team and administrators with their knowledge, skills, talents, and initiative. Leaders and all other volunteers are integral to 4-H. All of you are the heart of 4-H; you have inspired me with all you do. 

To quote a Tom Petty song, “It’s time to move on….” I will truly miss being a part of this wonderful community! I know that the program will continue to thrive with all of your energy, time and enthusiasm. 


Linda Horn 

Youth Development and 4-H