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Earth Day 4-H Club Challenge

Pledge Image courtesy of Cornell Cooperative Extension
October 1, 2021

Our University of Massachusetts 4-H Team have heard from many volunteers and families asking for new ideas for conducting virtual hands-on community service activities. We invite you to become engaged in this Earth Day Challenge that will combine environmental science and helping the planet.  Contact Tom Waskiewicz, Carrie Chickering-Sears or Kim Pond. 

Sample Form:

Club Name___________________________________________ #Youth _______  #Adults _______ 

  1. Take 3 Pledge:  Choose 3 behaviors/habits to change ___Youth   ___Adults  (Include examples) 
  2. Incorporate a land acknowledgement to your meeting  (include link) 
  3. Plant a Row for the Hungry ___#families ___#pounds donated   (Optional: Donation sites.) 
  4. Learn Basic Tree Id:  __Conservation Exhibit /Presentation ___#Trees planted 
  5. Bird ID: ___Habitat Project ____#Youth Bird Behavior Chart 
  6. Pollinator Power:  ___#families adding flowers to garden/landscape 
  7. Carbon Footprint & Andrill Project:  ___#Youth examined a project/hobby  ___Club Activity 
  8. Water:  ____ Located their local watershed   ___Made Edible Aquifer  ___Conservation Project 
  9. Recycling/Upcycling:  ___Youth created (Pictures of examples.)  Could be a cleanup project. 
  10. Citizen Science:  ---#youth participating in a citizen science project  (List ) 

Resource Sheet

Club Recording Sheet   Word Version

Edible Aquifer Activity

Who Dirtied the Water Activity

Watershed Activity from "Theres No New Water"

Geocaching Lesson Plan 

 Video from OSU for those that couldn't make the kick off for the Earth Day 4-H Club Challenge on April 8th about Geocaching with your family or club.



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