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National 4-H Agri-science Summit

Ag Summit Team in Maryland
July 17, 2022

The National 4-H Youth Summit for Agri-Science brings together teen agriculture and science leaders from across the country to focus on learning about and solving agri-science issues impacting our communities and our economy. Our 2022 team worked with several of the 2021 team to update their action plan and prepare for a grant presentation.

Our on the ground team consisted of Hope H. and Owen W. of Plymouth with chaperone Meg Riley, local 4-H Educator. Some highlights from the March 10-13 event:

  • Welcomed by Jennifer Sirangelo, President and CEO of National 4-H Council and heard from the President of Bayer Crop Science of North America.
  • Went into DC to the National Mall and Smithsonian Museums and Monument Tour
  • Career Challenge and working on their projects. 
  • Presenting their "4-H Lead to Change Project"
  • Heard from the 2022 Youth in Action Award Winner in Agriculture Tashina Red Hawk from South Dakota.

In May, the team was notified that their project was selected to receive a grant.  "Lots to Plots; Building a Bridge to Engage Teens into Agriculture"  was selected among an impressive applicant pool to receive a 2022 National 4-H Agriscience Lead to Change mini grant.  This award was presented by National 4-H Council with support from their partners – ADM, Bayer, Corteva, Nationwide, Nutrien and Saputo.  Other teens on the planning were Hope M. & Faith M from Berkshire County, Sophia B. From Middlesex Couty along with staff members Carrie Chickering Sears and Kim Pond.

The main goal of LTP is to introduce teens to agriculture wherever they are and the team plans to hold three workshops over the course of the summer.  Most of the funds from the grant ($2,000) were put toward consumables such as seeds, soil, and compost.

Their summer sessions started in July with their first workshop called "Teens Grow," in which teens planted hanging baskets of sugar snap peas.  In the Lots to Plots project, the 4-H'ers found themselves in the rold of educators, sharing their knowledge with other teens. Watch for more details to come and the Massachusetts 4-H Foundation will be doing a piece on their project in the Fall Compass Edition.

If you are a teen and this sounds like something you are interested in participating in keep your eyes peeled to the News Blasts this Fall for information for the 2023 National 4-H Summits and how to apply.

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