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National 4-H Conference 2016

2016 MA Delegation
April 26, 2016

National 4-H Conference is one of the highest honors that 4-H bestows on its members. The delegates were selected based on an application process in which they had to highlight their accomplishments and life skill development.  Molly Vollmer, Plymouth County 4-H Educator, chaperoned the group along with Karla Barrows, 4-H volunteer from Worcester County.  Cole Kraus and Lily Raposa attended the Legislative Breakfast and this year there was a totally new event at conference—a youth rally for National 4-H’s “Grow  #TrueLeaders” campaign.

Congratulations to the youth delegates:

Miiriam May, Barnstable County
Grace McAfee, Middlesex County
Maia Hay and Lily Raposa, Plymouth County
Elina Barrows, Worcester County
Emily Fabre and Cole Kraus, Essex County

Conference delegates will learn and share information on current trends relevant to 4-H and youth, building effective partnerships, creating innovative programs, expanding the use of technology, working with diverse groups, and impacting community needs.   Each delegate served on a roundtable that briefed a national agency or department, such as the Department of Energy :  Cole Kraus and Emily Fabre, Plan & Save; Elina Barrows,  the Food Network; Grace McAfee, Disaster Health Impacts; Lily Raposa, Choosing Peace; Miriam May, Bioenergy; and Maia Hay, Strengthening Communities.

Another highlight was the opportunity to meet with members of Congress on Capitol Hill and share the impact 4-H has had on them and highlight the programs of Massachusetts 4-H.  National 4-H Conference is the pinnacle experience in 4-H Citizenship, providing the opportunity for young people to connect, learn, engage, lead and impact their communities, their nation and their world.

Youth Development and 4-H