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National 4-H Volunteer e-Forum

2017 National 4-H Volunteer e-Forum The National 4-H Volunteer e-Forum is the first ever 4-H e-Forum taking place on a national level.  4-H volunteers from all over the US will participate in this event!  Presenters and program designers are from Purdue University, Utah State, University of Maryland, Michigan State, Virginia Tech and other landgrant Universities.  There are three sessions, each held on the first Thursday of the month in October, November and December from 6:15 p.m. to 8:45 p.m.  Volunteers are invited to participate in one, two or all three sessions.  MA 4-H is offering the e-Forum in two locations; the UMass Hadley Farm and the 4-H Foundation office on Route 9 in Framingham.

See the e-Forum flyer for additional details.

Here is the schedule:

  • October 5 - Cultivating an Environment for Growing True Leaders.  This session will feature ideas and activities that help foster life skill development by focusing on strategies for more effective club interactions and more successful club meetings. 
  • November 2 - "STEM"ming into Animal Science.  Build on the roots of 4-H as we STEM our way into agriculture and animal science.  Featuring ideas for planning and organizing fun, educational sessions for youth.
  • December 7 - Helping 4-H'ers Grow in Life and Work.  Volunteers share ideas, receive valuable resources and see a variety of successful programs that can help youth focus on life-long learning, workforce readiness and career exploration.

Dinner is included at each session; pre-registration is requested.  You must register at least two days in advance of the session you want to be included in the food count. 
You are free to attend without pre-registering but will not receive dinner and if the program is cancelled for any reason we would not have your name to notify you.

To register for a session in Hadley contact Linda Horn at and for the Framingham site contact Sherrie Guyott at

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