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National Team Places Well

MA 4-H Horse Delegation
November 8, 2021

Our teams are back from Louisville and had a great time! A good showing overall:

If you are on FB, check out the MA 4-H Horse Program for photos.

  • Communications Team – 6 teams - 4th overall
  • Communications Individuals
    • Susan Barrows – 3rd Individual Presentation overall out of 16 youth
    • Hannah Swanson – 10th speech
    • Hannah Wolman & Vivian Stripp – 4th in Team Presentation
  • Hippology – 18 teams – 7th overall – 7th written test,  and stations. 10th in the judging and 8th in team problem.
  • Hippology Individuals
    • Nora Tripp – 10th overall individual and 7th in the written test out of 72 youth
    • Hannah Denison -  6th in judging division out of 72 youth
  • Horse Bowl - 6th team out of 9 teams
  • Horse Judging


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