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Mass 4H Newsletter 2024 Vol. 6:1

June 7

Upcoming 4-H Calendar of Events

Date & Event


Info or Registration

6/12, 5:00 PM EST

4-H Career Exploration Series


Register here:

6/13, 7:00 PM

Horse Chat


6/18, 6:30 -8:00 PM

Records Judge Training




Annual MA State 4-H Horse Show

Three County Fairgrounds

Northampton, Massachusetts

Show Book

Registration in 4honline


Explore UMass

UMass Amherst


Hampshire County Fair

Cummington Fairgrounds

Deadline July 1st to enter

Fairbook sent to Westrn MA counties

Others can request a copy 


Barnstable County Fair

Cape Cod Fairgrounds


Barnstable County Fair Info


Worcester County 4-H Fair

Spencer Fairgrounds

Spencer, MA

Worcester County 4-H Fair Book

7/27, 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Hampden County Fair

Mallary Complex at the Eastern States Exposition

Hampden County Fair Info


State 4-H Dairy Show

Franklin County Fairgrounds

Greenfield, MA



Marshfield Fair

Marshfield Fairgrounds

140 Main St., Marshfield

Marshfield Fair Info



4-H Day at the Heath Fair


More info coming soon!

8/18, 6:30 -8:00 PM

Records Judge Training




Middlesex County 4-H Fair

Middlesex 4-H Fair Grounds

Westford, MA



East Middleboro Fair

East Middleboro Fairgrounds

183 Thompson St., Middleboro

East Middleboro Fair Info


Western MA Regional Horse Show

Three County Fairgrounds

Northampton, Massachusetts

Western Regional Horse Show Info


Big E

1305 Memorial Ave

West Springfield, MA 01089

9/18, 6:30 -8:00 PM

Records Judge Training




Topsfield Fair

Topsfield Fair Grounds

Essex County, MA


10/21, 6:30 -8:00 PM

Records Judge Training



10/24, 6:30 -8:00 PM

Records Judge Training



Approaching Deadlines


Event or Opportunity

Application or Info Link

6/15/24 Official Enrollment Deadline for fair eligibility   


Worcester County 4-H Fair Entries Due

Worcester County 4-H Fair Book


Marshfield Fair Entries Due

Marshfield Fair Info


Hampden County 4-H Fair Entries Due

Hampden County 4-H Fair Info

Massachusetts Statewide Programming & Announcements

Important Re-Enrollment Reminder

This request is being made of all UMass 4-H youth and families: Please log into 4honline to check that your enrollment status is complete. Many families think their enrollment is up-to-date only to find that it is incomplete when they try to enroll for an upcoming program. The official enrollment deadline for youth who wish to participate in any 4-H fairs this summer is June 15th.  We don’t want you or your child to be disappointed if they attempt to enter into fairs and are unable to do so. Even if you think your registration is complete in 4honline, please log on and check.  If you have any questions, reach our to your regional 4-H office for assistance.

Register Now! Record Book Judge Trainings

Are you a 4-H volunteer who has judged record books in the past or would like to judge them next year?

The UMass 4-H Records Program is one of the longstanding statewide programs for 4-H youth. Maintaining record books throughout the year teaches 4-H youth how to set goals, execute plans, reflect on learning, and use tools that help develop executive functioning skills to last a lifetime!

UMass 4-H Staff will be hosting a series of record book judge training sessions between now and October so that we can gather a robust group of trained judges to provide valuable feedback to the 4-H youth across the state who have dedicated their time to completing and submitting record books in October. The time commitment for this volunteer opportunity includes a one and a half hour training between now and October, a Zoom refresher training and judge orientation in November, and one to two solid days of participation in our statewide records judging events.

This amazing program is only possible with dedicated volunteer support.  This is a wonderful way to engage in a short-term volunteer opportunity that has a lasting impact on youth.

Use this link to register for a Zoom Records Judge Training on one of the following dates:

  • June 18, 2024 6:30-8:00PM
  • August 18, 2024 6:30-8PM
  • September 18, 2024 6:30-8:00PM
  • October 21, 2024 6:30-8:00PM
  • October 24, 2024 6:30-8:00PM

UMass 4-H Career Exploration Series

June 12, 2024

Krista Mangiardi, Foreign Service Officer, Sierra Leone, West Africa

To register:

Can you imagine moving to a new country every couple of years for your job? Foreign Service Officers work for the U.S. government overseas doing everything from the finances or technology at a U.S. Embassy, to managing the relationship with another country or helping American tourists get emergency passports. Massachusetts 4-H alum, Krista Mangiardi, is a Foreign Service Officer currently focused on educational and cultural exchange programs in Sierra Leone, West Africa. Come learn not only about her personal experiences in this job, but also about the day-to-day lifestyle that is a part of this unique career!



Explore UMass 2024

Registration Closing Friday June 7th!

This program is for ages 12-16. Youth get to experience Campus Life during this 3-day, 2-overnight STEM program at UMass Amherst.

Think about what track most interests you from this year’s STEM tracks: Plant and Soil Science, Veterinary Science, Food Science, and Engineering (Cardboard Arcade project).

Registration opened March 20th in 4honline for members. Please reach out to 4-H Educator Lauren DuBois via email with any questions.

National Teen Leadership Trips

The selection committee is currently gathering all of the applications and letters of recommendation. We will be contacting applicants soon with the next steps related to their applications for National 4-H Congress (November 2024), 4-H Ignite Summit (early 2025), and National 4-H Conference (March or April 2025).

After a review of applications, delegates who have been selected for an interview will be contacted via email and asked to select a Zoom interview appointment during the last two weeks of June.

National Trip Application & Selection Timeline:

· June 2024: Applications Due followed by Interviews for all Three Trips

· July 2024: Delegates Invited to Participate

· Late July/Early August 2024: Signed Contracts & Family Contribution Payment Due

Please direct any questions to Kim Pond.


Animal Science Programs & Updates

4-H Dairy Program


The MA 4-H Dairy Show will take place Friday, August 2nd through Sunday, August 4th at the Franklin County Fairgrounds in Greenfield, MA.  Entries are due July 15th.  The Show Book will be available in the next NewsBlast.


Horse Project

Horse Chat horse chat speaker and horse

Are you a horse lover? Our monthly horse chats are designed to connect horse lovers with experts in the equine world.  Meetings are held monthly via Zoom and feature a different guest speaker each month.  Mark your calendar!

Caitlin Looney, Certified Equine Massage Therapist

June 13th at 7:00 PM

Caitlin leads Extend Equine Massage which provides a variety of bodywork services to horses across the Greater Boston and Nashua areas. Growing up in 4-H, she transitioned to riding in the Intercollegiate Horse Shows Association during her time at Northeastern University. Caitlin showed in the Intermediate hunt seat equitation and led the team as captain for three consecutive seasons, frequently competing at both the regional and national levels. Currently, Caitlin is focused on pursuing breed level shows in the all around events with her personal horse Trace, and in hand events with her miniature mule Petunia. Riding at such diverse levels, Caitlin appreciates all aspects of competition and equestrian pursuits from the retired school pony to the leisurely trail master to the high performing equine athlete!

Horse Chat meetings are offered via Zoom using the following link: Meeting ID: 631 794 3559 Passcode: HorseChat

Reach out to Liza at with questions.


STEM Programs & Updates

STEM Interest Survey

We encourage all those interested to complete a short survey on workshops, trainings, and start of a STEM Advisory.

4-H Across the State

4-H Clover Fun Fact

Did you also know the 4-H Name and Emblem are a Federal Mark, protected by 18 USC 707? These protections place the 4-H emblem in a unique category of protected emblems, along with the U.S. Presidential Seal, and Smokey the Bear! 

This means if you are using the 4-H clover as part of a club banner, fair project, or club t-shirts, you can’t change how the clover looks or remove those little letters and numbers in the bottom right corner. 

Learn more! 

History of the 4-H Clover

Short Version of 4-H Clover Use Guidelines

June 14th is Flag Day!

Want to learn more about the flag: how it is to be displayed, folded, raised/lowered and when the time comes, how to properly dispose of a flag? The American Legion Flag website has many resources on the meaning and handling of the American flag. 

Additional Flag Resources & Activities:

 • Displaying the Flag with Images: 

• Flag Folding Activity: 

• Flag Etiquette for 4-H Meetings: Link no longer works

National 4-H News & Opportunities

4-H Military Partnership

Did you know?

  • About 9% of the people in UMass 4-H have a military connected family member?
  • The share of women veterans will increase from 11% this year to 18% in 2048.
  • Today, 28% of veterans are younger than 50, compared with a projected 34% in 2048.

For more information on the changes in our veteran populations check out the PEW Research Center report

Massachusetts 4-H Foundation 

Shirley Kane Memorial 4-H Golf Tournament Shirley Kaine Logo

Save the Date for the 22nd Annual Shirley Kane Memorial 4-H Golf Tournament. The Massachusetts 4-H Foundation will hold the Shirley Memorial 4-H Golf Tournament, its largest fundraiser, on Monday, September 16th, 2024. Consider signing on as a tournament sponsor if you are part of a 4-H advisory council or own a company. You’ll get valuable publicity for your organization, plus support our future leaders. Visit our website to sponsor or play!

2023 Foundation Annual Report Has Arrived.

The Foundation’s 2023 Annual Report is here! Read all about the happenings in Massachusetts 4-H this year, including 4-Hrers’ successful competition at the National Avian Bowl, a Day of Ag-Cess for food insecurity 4-Hers organized, and more! Plus, see a full donorship listing. Download the Annual Report here.

Give to the Foundation 

Donate today online or set up a recurring donation. Thank you for your support of Massachusetts 4-H!


Foundation Logo

4-H Partner Organizations


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UMass 4-H Policies

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