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Dog Project

Whether you are preparing to purchase or adopt your first dog or you just want to learn more about the dog you currently own, the 4-H Dog Project will teach you how to select the right dog, how to properly feed and groom your pet and the basics of training, judging and showing. 4-H dog members can also learn about dog agility.  Members also develop skills in record keeping and public presentations.

4-H Project Record Books are an important part of all 4-H projects.  In the Dog Project, you will keep records on:

  • Vaccination record and dates.
  • Expenses: Veterinary, food and supplies, training fees, etc.
  • Income: Awards, pet sitting jobs, sales of puppies, etc.
  • Training record for your dog.
  • Experience in community service, club activities, any offices held, dog activities, presentations, etc.

There is a day of dog related workshops, generally held in May. This event gives youth the opportunity to attend with our without a dog to improve on their handling, grooming and obedience skills, gain new knowledge and meet other youth with a passion for dogs.

A State 4-H Dog Show is generally held in the month of June.  This is a great opportunity for members to meet other 4-H dog enthusiasts from across the state and prepare for the Eastern States Exposition 4-H Dog Show held in September in West Springfield, Massachusetts.

It is recommended that club members or their families own a dog, although it not a requirement.

If you are interested in becoming a 4-H Dog Club Leader or if you would like to join an existing club, check out the on-line club directory or contact your local 4-H Educator.

Dog Shows and Events:


       To be determined



Due June 1- Required, If you lease or own your dog and plan to exhibit at a 4-H show or event. Please return to your county 4-H office.

        Dog Verification Form


Dog Resources:

Each 4-H Dog Club is provided with a copy of the source, "The Dog Breed Bible". If you have not received your copy, contact your local 4-H Educator.  Other suggested resources:

2023 is the Year of the Terrier! To learn more on this group, visit


Training videos available to watch from Ohio State University and the AKC:


For further information, please contact:

State 4-H Animal Specialist
University of Massachusetts Amherst 
100 Venture Way, Suite 334
Hadley, MA 01035-9462