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Sample Resume

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Fill in a one-sentence objective when you create a resume for a particular purpose, such as applying for a job, a volunteer position, college admission, or competition.

Skills and Accomplishments

Directions: From your resume worksheet, take the skills and list them down the left hand side of your resume, in order of relevance to the job  as shown below. Next to each skill, discuss how you developed and used that skill.

  • Persuaded 14-member 4-H club and local Citizens Association to clean up and restore a neighborhood park.
  • Won award for civic beautification from the mayor.
  • Helped to organize bake sale held at clean up day which raised $500, used in beautification effort.
Communication Skills
  • Developed excellent public speaking skills through the 4-H Visual Presentation program giving presentations for the past 4 years.
  • Selected as one of best presentations in my category and attended State Presentation Day last 2 years; received top award in my category at the state level last year.


Directions: List your academic major or area of strongest interest. Then list significant outside activities, such as 4-H, and any offices you have held such as Student Council representative, class secretary, etc. Finally, describe the most important honors, awards or recognition you received for academic achievement or achievement in arts, sports, community service, citizenship or other activities. Do not repeat information that you have included in the skills section!

Name of current school City, State
Date you received or expect diploma Dates attended

Employment/Extra-Curricular & Community Activities

Directions: If you are preparing a resume to apply for a job, list your previous employers and volunteer positions here, beginning with your most recent job. Include the company/organization name, city, state and dates (month/year) you were employed in this form.

6/97-6/98 Enormous Box Corporation, Alexanderton, MD
Worked doing general office work on a part-time basis.
6/96-8/96 Everytown Hospital, Everytown, MA
Did volunteer work in hospital 8 hours per week for the summer.