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Farm Food Safety Plans & Traceability

Fact Sheets

Traceability for New England Growers (September 2011). Bonanno A.R. From UMass GAP manual.

Traceability and Recall Systems for GAPs. University of Vermont Extension fact sheet.

Traceability: What it is and how to do it! Colorado State University Extension.

Other Extension Pages

Penn State Extension Traceability resources

Government Resources

Guide to Traceback of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Implicated in Epidemiological Investigations (updated June 2006). Food and Drug Administration.

Other Relevant Resource Websites

United Fresh Recall Ready Program

History & Research Publications

E. D. Hilborn, J. H. Mermin, P. A. Mshar, J. L. Hadler, A. Voetsch, C. Wojtkunski, M. Swarz, R. Mshar, M. Lambert-Fair, J. Farrar, M. K.Glynn, and L. Slutsker. A Multi-State Outbreak of Echerichia coli O157:H7 Infections Associated with Consumption of Mesclun Lettuce. Archives of Internal Medicine, Volume 159, p. 1758-1764, 1999.