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Cows in field

Wildlife, Domesticated Animals, and Land Use

Recordkeeping Templates

Water Source Testing Log

Animal Monitoring Log

Manure Application Log

Bait Station Control Log

Pest/Rodent Control Log (UVM)

Building sanitation: rodents & birds

Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management
Project of Cornell University, Clemson University, University of Nebraska – Lincoln, Utah State University

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Rodent- proof construction and exclusion methods. Baker RO, Bodman GR, Timm RM. Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management fact sheet.

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Field Contamination: Assuring Crop Quality with Food Safety in Mind. UVM Fact Sheet. Jan 2013.

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Webinars & Presentations

Animals, Manure, and Sewage. Penn State Extension. Penn State Farm Food Safety 2012.

Wildlife Damage – CSI Wildlife. Penn State Extension. Recognizing signs of wildlife.

Other Relevant Websites

University of California, UC Food Safety
Co-Management of Food Safety and Sustainability
Including the publication:
Balancing Food Safety and Sustainability: Opportunities for Co-management. UC Davis brief.

The Wild Farm Alliance
The Wild Farm Alliance: Food Safety and Conservation Resources

Penn State Extension
Wildlife Nuisance and Damage

Massachusetts Energy and Environmental Affairs
Deer Management
Living with Wildlife