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STEM Challenge/ National Youth Science Day (NYSD)

4-H Science

4-H is dedicated to providing the hands-on experience in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) to give kids the life skills they need to succeed today and the career readiness to succeed tomorrow. Programs like the STEM Challenge and the earlier 4-H NYSD events offer youth an opportunity to learn about science in a fun way and spark their interest in all areas of Science Engineering and Technology.    4-H National Youth Science Day started in 2008 and is a day dedicated to engaging kids with science through a hands-on science experiment and held annually in October.

STEM Challenge 2020 - Mars Base CampSTEM Challenge

The race to land humans on Mars is on! The 2020 4‑H STEM Challenge will explore sending a mission to Mars with the activity, Mars Base Camp. Developed by Google and Virginia Cooperative Extension, Mars Base Camp is a collection of activities that teaches kids ages 8-14 STEM skills like mechanical engineering, physics, computer science, and agriculture.


Another great resource to get started exploring Mars is the JPL of NASA:  Our 2019 SET delegation  enjoyed the "Mars Bound" activity


2019 National 4-H Youth Science Day Experiment - Game Changers

In October of 2019, 4‑H launched Game Changers. Designed by Google and West Virginia Extension service, Game Changers teaches kids ages 8-14 how to use computer science (CS) to create games, solve problems and engage with topics they’re passionate about.  The 2018 & 2019 NYSD Experiments enhanced our Google Grant Initiative in MA.

Game Changers logo     Game Changers Kit

Game Changers uses physical activity and puzzles to teach kids important CS concepts and problem-solving skills, creating real-world connections between computer science and civic engagement, healthy living and agriculture. Although the challenge includes one computer-based and two unplugged activities to help kids learn CS, all can be completed without internet access.

New to NYSD? Teachers and facilitators don’t need any prior experience with computer science or coding to bring Game Changers to their students.

2018 National 4-H Youth Science Day Experiment- Code Your World


In October 2018, 4‑H and Google launched, Code Your World, which invited youth to get involved in computer science.

Code Your World is a four-part computer science (CS) challenge that teaches kids to apply CS to the world around them through hands-on activities. Developed by Google and West Virginia University Extension Service, it includes a computer-based activity on Google’s CS First platform and three unplugged activities that bring coding to life through games and interaction.

Code Your World uses games and hands-on fun to teach kids important CS and computational thinking concepts, and is perfect for first-time and beginner coders ages 8-14. 

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A look back over the last 10 years! Prior challenges are archived.

To order your kit visit or contact your local 4-H Educator to borrow a kit .  *Supply Resources for older kits.

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