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NEW Computer Science Initiative

  • Devices such as Chrome Books, Virtual Reality, Arduino and Makey Makey
  • CS Teens - find out if there is a team in your area
  • IMPACT program on Computational Thinking:  Help bridge the gap with hands on activities that are "unplugged" (do not need technology) to get youth thinking about coding.  (Optional plugged activities to bring in.)
  • 2018 & 2019 NYSD Kits available statewide
  • Workshop at Winter Forums
  • Tracks at Explore UMass
  • Training available for facilitators.  (Face to face and some virual availability.)


Robotics and 4-H

You can bring 4-H Robotics to your 4-H Club or Program.   The 4-H Robotics Curriculum is designed to meet the diverse requirements of 4-H clubs and short-term 4-H IMPACT programs in partnership with libraries and after-school programs. The curriculum was developed for all levels of expertise  from beginning to advanced.

4-H Junkdrawer Robotics Curriculum focusing on movement, sensors and programming and youth build robots from everyday household items.

Robotics Platforms allows youth to use robotics kit to explore the world of robotics.

Virtual Robotics track makes learning convenient and economical.

4-H offers a variety of additional programs, activities and events.   Starting a local 4-H Robotics Club gives youth the opportunity to participate in many 4-H events and activities but most of all 4-H is for youth, and 4-H is fun!

Learn more about 4-H Robotics

National Geographic Robotics 3-D  4‑H and National Geographic have teamed up to bring cutting edge content to students in 4‑H clubs, programs, and summer camps about robotics. Using hands-on STEM activities and videos, 4‑H’ers will learn about robots, engineering, problem-solving and creative thinking. The activities can be used separately or in tandem with National Geographic’s film, ROBOTS 3D.

Scratch Educator Resources from MIT can help expose youth the programming aspect of robotics.

NEW 4-H Computer Science Curriculum available at 

June: The Massachusetts 4-H program offers an Introduction to Robotics

For further information, please contact:

Kim Pond
4-H Educator, 4-H Science, Engineering and Technology (SET) Program Manager
7 Midstate Drive, Suite 102
Auburn, MA 01501
Phone: 508-831-1223 Ext. 114